Aerial Yoga Meditation

A time of quiet happiness

to refresh my mind and rejuvenate my body

in the space of a traditional folk house



Treatment courses that include yoga or meditation



Head / Hair / Meditation

This is a maintenance treatment course focusing on the scalp and hair, where the brain and important nerves converge. Enjoy 150 minutes of relaxation therapy for both the body and mind. This treatment course is especially recommended for those who suffer from stiff shoulders, headaches, or hair and scalp problems.



Head / Hair / Yoga / Meditation

The treatment starts with a scalp and hair care treatment to revitalize any tiredness of your autonomic nervous system. This is followed by Aerial Yoga to reset your entire body, and finishes with meditation to rejuvenate your spirit and thoughts. This is a full course treatment that not only helps with hair maintenance, but also relieves fatigue in your body and helps your autonomic nervous system to rejuvenate itself.



Airsilk Relax Yoga / Meditation

With the aerial yoga and meditation in Japanese style room you can fully refresh your body and mind. Since the yoga class is held with a small group according to individual levels, even beginners can enjoy at ease. Stress and fatigue can be reduced if you take the treatment regularly.
Optional Extra: Small Face Haircut** (Patented) ¥11,000
*All prices include tax.
** A “small face haircut” is a one that makes the face look smaller.