i n   H i k o n e
e x p e r i e n c e
w e l l n e s s
R e j u v e n a t i n g

A home away from home, where you can discover your true self
A wellness salon located in a traditional folk house in Hikone

A home away from home, where you can discover your true self
A wellness salon located in a traditional folk house in Hikone

At Hikone Dharmakur you can enjoy a luxurious experience in a laid-back setting, with all your needs cared for.
Here, in the historic castle town of Hikone,
we invite you to cleanse your mind of distractions and your body of fatigue.
Release your inner beauty as you rejuvenate your soul.




Private Spa


Enjoy a personal head spa treatment performed by the owner. Focusing on the head area, the treatment will bring out your natural beauty to the fullest whilst relieving the fatigue of the daily grind.

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Airsilk Yoga


Airsilk Yoga (Aerial Yoga) uses a hammock-like silk cloth that hangs fromthe ceiling, allowing participants to float in the air as the natural forcesof gravity help to tone the body and ease the mind.

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Participants focus on their breathing whilst remaining silent, allowing the normally overworked brain and nerves to be released from fatigue and enter into a state of ultimate rest and relaxation.

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Taking a holistic approach, this treatment acts as a preventative therapy that helps healthy people to relax and rejuvenate their mental and physical health. Enjoy this form of natural healing through traditional methods at our Kura Salon, a traditional small house.

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Produced by VieRiche

Run by beauty professionals.

Hairstyles are an important way for both men and women to express their attractiveness.
Furthermore, beautiful hair can also create a relaxing environment which makes those around them feel happy and at ease, particularly in the case of women.
We founded Dharmakur to pursue Vie Riche's commitment to taking the utmost care of one’s hair and scalp, and to create a place where one can feel the history and tranquility of Hikone, providing a relaxing break from the stresses of the modern age with its information overload and lack of “me time”.

We hope our customers will enjoy the historical setting in a refurbished Hikone townhouse, along with the first-class Japanese hospitality, the technical skills of our staff, and the soothing experiences we provide for the mind, body and soul.

VieRiche Representative

Mina Kitagishi

Hair stylist, trichologist, certified step bone cut instructor, angelic care instructor, yoga instructor, and aerial yoga instructor



2-2-38 Honmachi, Hikone-shi, Shiga Prefecture


Near Castle Road in downtown Hikone

Across the street from the Kyobashikuchi Parking Lot (far end)

About 20 mins on foot from JR Hikone Station


AM:9:00 - noon  PM: 2:00-5:00