Ayurveda Treatment

“The ancient knowledge for living a happy life”

A holistic form of oil treatment derived from traditional medicine

Knowledge handed down over 5,000 years in India

Traditional treatment to transform your body and mind.

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Far-Infrared Sauna Therapy

Warming the body deeply and applying essential oil treatments improves circulation throughout the body and promotes perspiration. Expected benefits include anti-stiffness and effectiveness against the cold.
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Silk Garshana Massage

A dry massage treatment using special silk gloves to gently rub the whole body, helping to stimulate the skin, boost one’s metabolism, and leave the skin supple and glowing.
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Mugwort Steam Therapy

An ancient Chinese therapy treatment in which the whole body, but especially the lower half, is bathed in hot water infused with mugwort, which is effective in warming the body from the core.
Custom-made Treatments

Ayurveda treatments at our salon are tailor-made for your needs, based on an initial consultation. To that end, please understand that you may not receive all of the services listed above. If there are any treatment options that you definitely wish to receive, please request them during your initial consultation session.


(1) Some treatment options are not available during one’s menstruation period.
(2) We do not have a shower room, so please rub down your body with a towel after treatment. (Towels provided).
(3) After a Shirodhara treatment, you may receive hair washing and drying in the separate spa room.

Concierge Services Available for our Valued Customers


Local Sightseeing Recommendations

We are able to suggest ways for you to spend your free time, for example during the gaps between treatments, so that you can enjoy exploring the surrounding area. For example, we can suggest taking a walk to nearby sightseeing spots, and so on. Think of us as your special concierge for the day, and feel free to ask us any questions you may have.


Reservations for Dining and Lodging

Shiga Prefecture is famous for the food and rice associated with Lake Biwa. We can introduce dining establishments that use nutritious Shiga ingredients suited to your treatment plan and condition on the day. We can also introduce nearby inns where you can relax and enjoy your stay, so please feel free to consult with us when making your booking.

*Please note that it may not always possible to make reservations for your desired location.


Taxi & Transportation Arrangements

From arrival to departure, we can arrange transportation on your behalf to various destinations during your time with us. Please consult with us in advance at time of reservation.